Grundfos Technologies

The Grundfos Blueflux label guarantees the motor technology incorporated in the pump is ahead of current market standards, and either meets or exceeds global legislative requirements for motor efficiency, where these apply. Grundfos Blueflux solutions include high efficiency motors and variable frequency drives designed to minimise energy loss and optimise performance and reliability.
AUTOADAPT makes sure that the differential pressure across the pump is automatically adjusted to match the flow requirements. As a result, the pump is always operating on the most efficient performance curve.
SmartDesign describes the functional design of Grundfos products that combine elegant appearance with smart features. SmartDesign not only looks good, it also makes installation, operation and maintenance more user-friendly.
The S-tube is the only impeller available in the wastewater market that does not compromise hydraulic efficiency or free passage through the pump. The key to the design is simplicity - no cutting or moving functions that can become worn over time.